National Cake Day & Cakes in Tanzania


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What is that one food item that makes everyone happy? Take a wild guess. Well, it is cake! Have you ever met a person who says that they don’t like cakes? That is very unlikely, and if you have, then we suggest that you stop talking to them. No one needs a person in their life who doesn’t like cake!

Learning About International Cake Day

Did you know that there is a national cake day? Well, it is just round the corner, as it is celebrated on November 26th each year.

The History of Cake Day

The history of cake dates back to ancient times, as the first cakes were baked in Ancient Egypt and Greece. The cakes at that time were heavy and flat, and were mostly eaten with honey and nuts, at the end of a meal. These days, Baklava is considered an offspring of the ancient cakes. You must try it if you are a fan of sweet and sticky desserts.

The Romans had their own version of the cake, but it was creamy and rich, and was offered to the gods as a sign of devotion, love, and respect. During the Great Depression, in order to provide food to millions of people, America came up with the boxed cake mix.

How to Celebrate Cake Day

Here are some ways in which you can celebrate Cake Day:

  • By eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • By baking cake and sharing it with the people you love.
  • By give out cake to the poor and the homeless.
  • By having a baking contest.

The opportunity to add sweetness to people’s lives in just round the corner. You can organize an elaborate tea party and do the following things:

  • Have a baking class for children and adults.
  • Have a concert.
  • A cake tasting competition.
  • An exhibition or unusual cake.

Different Types of Cakes

There are different types of cakes that you can enjoy on the National Cake Day. Such as:

Yeast Cake

These are the oldest types of cakes, and are very bready in texture.


There are so many different kinds of cheesecakes, from the low calorie options made from low fat cheese and fruit peels to the classic creamy goodness of the New York style cheesecake.

Sponge Cake

Sponge cakes are very light in texture and are usually iced with cream cheese and butter.

The Importance of Cake in Tanzania

Just like the rest of the world, the people of Tanzania also love cake, and it is one of the most favorite desserts and is used for religious and cultural ceremonies.

Symbol of Celebration

Currently, cake is a symbol of celebration and is eaten during birthdays, anniversaries, birth of a baby, weddings and during Eid. Often cake is served with ice cream, and is the preferred snack for hundreds of Tanzanians.



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