Five Day Hikes to do in Tanzania


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We can’t all climb all the way up Mount Kilimanjaro, no we can’t. Why is that? Because it takes at least five days, and because climbing up a steep mountain for five days straight is not something anyone is willing to do, and that’s perfectly understandable.

Still, it would be a shame to come to Tanzania and not enjoy a good day hike. The beautiful scenery, the opportunity to spot some wildlife, the rise in self esteem when reaching the end point, and of course, the main draw of such an activity in such a country, the sense of adventure!

Girl Wearing Walking Boots Hiking Up A Mountain

So, without further ado, here is our five best day hikes to do in Tanzania.

1. Makarot Peak
Starting in the beautiful acacia trees valley, this walk is a steady climb with views on Lake Eyasi and Endulen, and the plains of the Serengeti unfurling below you. Buffalos and baboons might appear to see who’s passing through their land.
Length : 6 hours

Mono en arbol (Hato Piñero, Venezuela)

2. Empakaai Crater
This walk is a steep one, but the reward is worth the sweat. The crater is an old volcano now filled by a huge salt lake. Now add to this image about a million of colors, from the lush green vegetation all around, to the pink flamingos lining the shore, without forgetting all kinds of birds and the ever-changing shades of blue of the lake itself. Now you know why it’s worth it.
Length : 5 hours

3.  Navuru Waterfall
This hike leads to a magnificent waterfall at the base of Mount Meru. The way winds through the small villages around Arusha, until it enters the rainforest. There, the real adventure begins, with river crossing, oh-so-green vegetation, and mist, until the final waterfall. Waterproof will be the key word when getting ready for this one. There’s even a way to go stand behind the Navuru Waterfall!
Length : 6 hours

4.  Njokamoni
This hike in the Udzungwa Mountains National Park is very popular because of the wildlife that can easily be seen there; colorful insects, butterflies and the very rare Sanje Mangebys primates! The end point is a beautiful waterfall with a 40m drop.
Length : 4 hours

5.  Hanang Mountain
This last one is not messing around. It’s a 6 hours steep climb to get to the top of the 4th highest mountain in Tanzania. But, as you would expect, the view from up there is worth every aching toe and drop of sweat.
Length : 10 hours

Just remember that Tanzania is not somewhere you can just go traipsing about on your own. You need to take with you a local guide, lots of water, good hiking shoes, all of your will and then you’re ready to go. Open your eyes wide and step into the jungle. To the next adventure!

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