5 Reasons, why you should go for a wild safari in Africa

5 reasons go on wild safari in africa

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Tanzania is a land of safari with 16 national parks with 38% of land areas set as protected areas of conservation and a variety of land and forest reserves that includes the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Tanzania is rich in bio diversity that supports a wide variety of animal habitats. A large scale annual migration of white-bearded wild beast and bovid happens on Tanzania’s plain. Tanzania is a home to over 275 reptile species and 130 amphibians. Tanzania owns a biodiversity plan of action to address the issue of species conservation. With Travoge you can discover the unexpected and thrilling safari experience and a chance to choose from variety of attractive packages and itinerary.
Reason 1: More and more options to choose from
Tanzania is a place that offers wide range of safari options for first timers, seasoned campaigners and safari enthusiasts. Travoge offers hand-picked packages suitable for all preferences.
Reason 2: Migration forming the centerpiece
In Tanzania migration is regarded as most extravagant process of mother nature. This forms a big pool of wild life that consists of hundreds and thousands of wild animals like zebra, wild beast and antelope as they migrate within Masai Mara/Serengeti ecosystem.
Reason 3: Variety at its best
Travoge offers a variety in packages and itinerary. These packages ranges from Lodge Safari packages to adventurous Safari packages that fulfill the needs of every safari enthusiast, who would love to experience the African safari.
Reason 4: Landscapes and people
A land that is rich in landscape and hub of Mother Nature. Primarily Tanzania is a mountainous country located in the east coast of Africa. The north east part of this mountainous country contains the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzania also contains three of Africa’s Great Lakes that includes Lake Tanganyika known as continent’s deepest lake known for unique species of fishes. Lake Victoria to the North West and Lake Nyasa to the South West. With this kind of rich natural beauty Tanzania provides the perfect combination of land and beauty for any travel enthusiast.
Reason 5: The varying climate
The climate is of great variety that ranges from 50 to 68-degree F during cold and hot seasons respectively. Two rainfall models: uni-modal from October to April and bi modal from October to December.
All the five factors make Tanzania a place which is must visit for not only safari enthusiast but a destination must visit for any travel enthusiast.



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