5 Best Safari Cameras to Take on a Trip to Africa

best safari camera for african safairi

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While you are preparing for the most exceptional experience in your life, make sure to purchase all that you need before going on your vacation. When taking a trip to Africa, you should never forget about Safari Camera gear. Even if you are a normal person and not a professional photographer, you still need some amazing equipment to help you capture Africa’s beauty and grandeur. It would be such a pity if you won’t be able to return home with some of the best photographs you’ve ever taken. Even though our eyes are the best photo camera, you should still consider buying a good gadget for your safari. Luckily, we have put together for you a list of best safari cameras to take on an African trip.

What to Look for When Choosing Best Camera for Safari 

First of all, keep it simple. The last thing you want to do on a safari is to try constantly to adjust the settings. Instead of taking some quick photos of a fierce lion hunting a gnu antelope, you would stay there and just complicate your day with settings you haven’t practiced before. You need a camera that is easy to use and carry around. Don’t go for a huge “telescope” if you can’t use it properly. Leave those for the pros.

Second, be careful with the zoom you choose. The long ones are fine, but they are tricky when it comes to light sensitivity. Don’t go for the maximum zoom if your camera has at least 8 megapixels of definition. Just settle with enlarging the part of the image you want when you get back at home. In low-light situations, keeping the zoom at a fair level (let’s say 2x-4x) will help with camera vibration and body shake. Vibration and focus are a great challenge, particularly in the evening and early morning. Both of these issues can be easily diminished by not extending the lens to maximum enlargement.

Last but not least, you need a huge memory card so that you can set the camera to “support” your exposures. On a safari trip, you will probably use faster shutter speeds to be able to catch the animals on the move, and this means that you will take more photos than you normally do. In conclusion, the memory requirement of the card will be tripled, so take this into consideration.

Our list of top cameras to take on a safari trip begins with this DSLR, which is a great camera for those who are not experts in photography. Canon EOS 70D will help you capture the wildlife in your frame. It presents 7fps continuous shooting at full resolution. It also has a 19 cross-type point AF system so you can easily follow the action. Beginners have the choice of a broad variety of tools, but for a safari, one of the most important aspects is the lens since it is impossible to get very close to the animals because some can be really far away. As a result, you won’t be able to fill the frame because of the short zoom lenses. For these situations, you need a lens of 300mm or longer. You also require a perfect zoom choice for a safari, to use it for distant subjects and close-ups, and this camera has all of these. It features a Vari-angle screen that can be very useful, especially when you can adjust it. It is pretty light, easy to use and essential for your first safari in Africa.

You can buy it on Amazon.com for $1,239. The pack available includes everything you need to master the art of photography, especially if you consider purchasing the instruction manual “Canon EOS 70D for Dummies.”

Best Safari Camera for Beginners

Normal compacts aren’t enough when you need to zoom far-away subjects to make them appear large in the frame. Superzoom cameras, also known as “bridge cameras”, are a match for bird spotting, safari and so forth. These models cannot replace a DSLR camera, but they are more affordable than a pro-spec one. These superzooms combine powerful zoom lenses with a technology that makes them a great choice. The best compact ultra-zoom digital camera for safari is Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300.  Its wide-angle 24 mm lens extends to 600mm in an instant. This way, the image quality can be maintained even in low-light conditions. This feature allows for more light to enter the camera, which is a big advantage during the evening. But be careful to avoid using those less desirable higher ISO sensitivities.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300 can be purchased on Amazon.com, with a price starting from $499.99. Its lens, zoom capabilities, splashproof and dustproof body make it the best choice for a compact ultra-zoom digital camera for a safari.

Best Compact Ultra Zoom Digital Camera for Safari

 Our list of top cameras to take on a safari trip continues with GoPro Hero 4 Black. We consider this to be the best safari and sports camera out there. It’s the best choice, especially for a safari, due to its ability to shoot indoors, in sunlight, cloudy weather and even at night. With this gadget, you are 100% sure that you will get the best quality out of any action. Hero 4 Black shoots 4K footage, has a super wide field of view and also offers super slow motion modes. Even when you are shooting at 1080p, the footage still looks perfect. As a photo camera, taking 12-megapixel images. The best thing about GoPro Hero 4 Black is that it is so tiny, that it can’t even be noticed unless you strap it to your neck or arm. You can receive a waterproof housing for it, in case you have to face a storm in your safari. Also, this action camera is holding on pretty well, so if you happen to drop it a few times, you shouldn’t worry. The battery is also easy to swap, so you can do it on the spot.

You can buy the GoPro Hero 4 Black camera on Amazon.com for prices starting from $499.95. This action camera is the best one you can get for a safari, but if you have a smaller budget, you should really weigh your options.

Best Safari Sports and Action Camera

  • Best Point and Shoot Camera for Safari – Canon SX50

 The best camera in this category is Canon SX50. This device has a very good auto mode and 50x zoom. These characteristics help you with wildlife shooting. For example, the “sports” setting is perfect for moving animals. But you can get in trouble when you are trying to shoot animals hidden in the branches or grass. The autofocus will focus on the background instead of the animal. Canon SX50 has an in-lens image stabilizer. You can take sharp images at 50x zoom without even using a tripod. Another option is using the burst mode and let it do its thing. This works, of course, if you have a card large enough. Moreover, maximum zoom works perfectly for bird spotting. The final result is an excellent quality, having more pixels, but without sacrificing sharpness. What about the animals you can’t get close to? You can zoom in on their eyes, mouth, fur even if they are located 200 meters away.

You can buy Canon SX50 on Amazon.com with prices starting from $410. This point-and-shoot camera is the best choice for your safari in Africa.

Best Point and Shoot Camera for Safari

 Among our top cameras to take on a safari trip, we have also included a camcorder and for this category we have chosen Sony 4K HD FDRAX33. This high-definition device records directly to a hard disk inside the camera. Its 10x optical zoom allows you to record, but it also enables you to take good photos. The results of editing can be amazing. You can create DVDs as good as HD television. It is exactly like watching your homemade video on the nature programs. Recording with a Sony  camera adds an unforgettable atmosphere to your images. You can clearly hear the sound of the wind, the birds and also commentaries from your guide. The screen captures from the video can also be quite a blessing. Of course, they are not as good as photos taken with DSLRs, but their quality is still very good. The best part is that the camcorder does everything for you. You just have to point and shoot. One feature that makes this camera stand out is the eye-level viewfinder. The action can be followed much easier than using the fold-out screen. Also, the viewfinder can reduce camera shake.

With only $798, you can purchase the Sony HD 4K camcorder from Amazon.com. Prepare for an exceptional time on your safari and keep your memories close to you, wherever you are.


These are our top cameras to take on a safari trip to help you transform your vacation into an unforgettable experience. Remember, these are just a few suggestions. Before purchasing any item from above, you should make a comparison. You are the only one who knows your needs and budget for a cam. You don’t have to look up to the cheapest cams online but neither do you have to spend thousands of dollars on equipment you don’t even know how to use. Keep it simple and purchase a camera that really feels like it belongs to you. If you can, always take some test photos, to be sure of the quality of the camera. Enjoy your safari!


 Top 3 Camera Bundles for an African Safari Trip

 A camera bundle represents a starter kit which consists of the camera body, interchangeable-lens camera, storage cards, tripods, objectives and other various accessories. The bundle brings all of these together to create the starter pack for beginners in SLR Photography. Usually, be body of the camera can be sold by itself, especially when it is quite expensive. In addition, retailers usually have promotions of a package that combines the SLR camera body with a few less expensive accessories. Now, you may ask yourself “why would I prefer such a pack?” The answer is simple. Purchasing a camera in a bundle is a good idea for your first SLR. Until you learn everything about cameras after some photography lessons, you need something to work with. There is no need to panic and storm into every shop in the mall looking for the best or most expensive camera because bundles are all that you need. All you have to do is compare prices and rethink your budget, while the items are a click away. We’re here to offer you some suggestions, so let’s take a look at some of the best camera bundles.


#1 Safari Camera Bundle: Canon EOS Rebel T5 Digital SLR Bundle

This is one of the best deals on Amazon.com. By purchasing this DSLR bundle, you can save $390, which means 43% of the full price. It’s a perfectly OK entry-level DSLR. This kit includes the camera body, objectives, lens, a flash memory card, a photo-video quality tripod, a remote control, a set of UV protector filters, a high-speed USB card reader, a cleaning kit, a tri-fold memory card wallet, LCD screen protectors and a table top tripod. What more could you wish for your first bundle?
Top 3 Camera Bundles for an African Safari Trip


#2 Safari Camera Bundle:Canon Power Shot SX410 IS Digital Camera Bundle

If you decide to buy this digital camera bundle, you can get it at only $229.95 on Amazon.com. The kit consists of the body of a super-zoom camera with a 40x zoom range. Also, one of the smallest super-zooms so it will fit just fine in the special bag included in the bundle. In this kit, you will also find everything you need from memory cards to quality tripods, and you will even get a deluxe camera case to keep your precious device.
Top 3 Camera Bundles for an African Safari Trip


#3 Safari Camera Bundle:Nikon D3200 Bundle

This camera bundle costs only $419.95, helping you save $390.00, meaning 49% of the full price. Nikon D3200 is one of the best products from the Nikon DSLR line. It offers a good performance, providing you with excellent image quality and well thought-out ease-of-use. In this bundle, you will get the DSLR camera body, objectives, a set of Ultraviolet Protection lenses, memory cards, a cleaning kit and a big bag to fit all these accessories and much more. It’s really an offer you can’t refuse.
Top 3 Camera Bundles for an African Safari Trip


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Maintaining Your Camera while on Safari

When you make an investment, you want it to last as long as possible, so it’s vital that you take care of your items. That goes as general advice for your camera, but particularly when you’re in a special environment like a safari, you have to be extra careful with camera maintenance.

  • First of all, you need to have a good, sturdy camera bag that will protect your equipment from dust and, if necessary, rain. Safari photography is generally done in the summer and dust is a real issue, so when you’re not using it, put it away.
  • Bring your lens cleaning kit and your sensor cleaning kit. As mentioned, chances are it’s going to be dusty. Dust particles get everywhere and not only do they ruin your pictures, but they can also ruin your equipment. You don’t want your lenses to be scratched.
  • Clean your camera carefully at the end of every day. When you come back to your accommodation, take the time to clean your equipment. Don’t allow the dirt and sand to settle. Make sure to use your special kit and not random rags or things, or you might damage your camera.
  • Don’t leave the camera out of your sight while you’re out on safari. Keep it close and always keep an eye on it. Ideally, you will have it on hand at all times and put it in its protective bag as soon as you are done. Remember not to leave your camera bag out in the sun; find a shaded place to keep it.


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