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“Best experience at lowest price” – Our Guarantee

Who Are We?


Our Mission

Travoge is a dynamic marketplace that inspires travelers to create their ideal travel experience. Travoge offers travelers thoughtful itineraries, various pricing options, connections to local experts, and a secure platform to book the tour of their choice.


Where are we

Travoge is a USA-based company in Seattle that is registered in Washington state. Travoge follows the highest standards of web security and data privacy for all users. Money and services are exchanged through our secure website and payments are encrypted with SSL protection. All transactions are independently certified and carry a privacy protection seal from Trustguard.


Our Stories

Read about the lives and experiences of Travoge’s highly valued tour operators in Company blog. Get to know the people who are essential to a safari’s success.

Why Choose Travoge?

Booking a safari can be a daunting experience. It can be extremely difficult for travelers to know what options are out there, if they are booking the tour they want at the best price, if there are any guarantees, or if there will be anyone to help if events do not proceed as planned. Travoge takes care of these worries by offering a unique platform where travelers can book their safari with confidence.


So many choices

Travoge offers hand-picked itineraries created by experts who understand the environment, the culture, and what travelers have come to expect. Travoge’s tour providers range from smaller operators to large, well-established companies. Regardless of the size, each and every safari booked through Travoge is designed to offer the experience of a lifetime.


Secure Booking

Booking is safe and simple through Travoge’s convenient marketplace. Money and services are exchanged fairly and securely, ensuring a seamless transaction for both parties.


Lowest Prices

There has never before been a marketplace to compare safari tour prices until now. Travoge establishes a direct connection from traveler to tour operator, providing the opportunity to choose the desired tour at the guaranteed lowest price, without any haggling or hassle.


Amazing Experiences

Once a tour is booked through Travoge, travelers can feel comfortable knowing that what they expect is what they will get. All of the tour details are worked out and agreed upon beforehand so travelers can stop worrying about the specifics and instead focus on enjoying the experience.


Exceptional Customer Support

Travoge prides itself on providing friendly and helpful customer service. Representatives are available via phone and email for excellent support every step of the way.

Who Works with Us?



Safari should be accessible to anyone who has ever dreamed of seeing the beauty that Africa has to offer. Travoge aims to create an experience for travelers that they will always treasure.


Tour Hosts

Travoge provides an attractive and convenient platform for tour operators to market and sell their tours to customers from all over the world.


Local Community

Travoge is committed to preserving the cultures, landscapes and wildlife that it promotes. That’s why a percentage of Travoge’s profits will be donated to local tribes, schools, and conservation organizations.

Questions you might have about us?

The name Travoge was inspired by a fusion of two words – Travel and Vogue. Not only do we like the way Travoge sounds, it is also representative of what we would like to become: a new means for people to pack their bags and explore their world.

Travoge charges hosts a percentage based on bookings to cover sales, marketing, guarantees, and payment processing in an effort to streamline planning and booking. The local hosts retain complete control of their operational capabilities to provide travelers with an unforgettable experience.

Travoge is partnered with Tanzania School Foundation (TSF) as a means of supporting the African community. % (Part) of Travoge’s profits will be donated to TSF and go towards education for local children. Travoge also supports I-1401 and other initiatives for animal conservation. I-1401 is a Washington State ballot measure that is designed to help save animals threatened with extinction.

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